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Thread: Betrayal is at the heart of U.S. politics

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    Betrayal is at the heart of U.S. politics

    A powerful sense of betrayal is driving the 2016 campaign. The Donald Trump campaign has always been angry. We are now beginning to see the same anger in the Bernie Sanders campaign. No candidate left in the race is echoing Barack Obama’s 2008 message of hope and optimism. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tried it — and look where it got them.

    On the Republican side, the sense of betrayal started long before the Trump campaign. It emerged with the Tea Party movement in 2010, which claimed that Republicans in Washington were failing to do what Republicans elected them to do — namely, stop Obama, particularly his Obamacare policies. The Tea Party accused GOP party leaders like former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and former House Speaker John Boehner of selling out the conservative cause.


    Conservatives have long nurtured a keen sense of betrayal. In the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy led a campaign against New Deal policies by charging communist betrayal in the highest ranks of government. In the 1990s, as Pat Buchanan ran for the Republican presidential nomination against President George H.W. Bush and Senator Bob Dole of Kansas, he claimed that establishment figures were betraying President Ronald Reagan’s legacy.


    Sanders is running a vigorous campaign against the legacy of Clintonism in the Democratic Party. Last year, he said, “I disagree with [former President Bill Clinton] strongly on NAFTA [the North American Free Trade Agreement] and permanent trade relations with China. … I very strongly disagreed with President Clinton on the deregulation of Wall Street. I opposed that strenuously.”

    Many Sanders supporters regard Clintonism as a betrayal of Democratic values.

    Betrayal is at the heart of U.S. politics
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    Ideological purists always feel betrayed, because every one of them wants something different and they have all convinced themselves that everyone else wants what they want.

    Another "snip" from your linked article:

    Purists don’t like deals. They call people who make them sell-outs. Deal making may be the way the United States has to be governed, but it will always carry the risk of betrayal.
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    Good article and on point.

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    Back before the internet and broad acceptance of TV men spoke with honor and respect of their opponents. Eisenhower and Stevenson were probably the last of those to do so. Kennedy and Nixon did share barbs and slowly that became the standard. With the advent of all news broadcast, thank you Ted Turner, it became a compulsory action.
    Then we have the inattentive Iphone people who only can spare 20 seconds to any conversation and they want insults to lighten up their day.

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