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Thread: What Do You Have To Lose??

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    Quote Originally Posted by HayJenn View Post
    Like MM has really ever cared about black and poor people.

    He doesn't. He's also a racist.
    Melissa McCarthy is a racist?

    That's kind of harsh isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryAnne View Post
    Hay Jenn, your post rated a 5 Star by me.

    Reagan started this corruption by closing all the mental hospitals and putting those people out on the streets to sleep under bridges and roam the streets.

    Now,Republicans hope to add to it but they can go admire the shiney Military and planes we do not need.
    Reagan was shot by somebody that clearly needed mental health services, so Karma is a bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGaffer View Post
    Are you going to defend the trillion dollar tax cut for the 1% as a valuable component of trickle down?
    I'm not a trickle down guy, I am also not a believer of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I support helping Paul get off his feet and go to work. I don't mind the tax cut unless we are using it to pay debt. Otherwise we are just extending that pass we have extended to Paul.

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