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Thread: Tennessee Tale

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    Apr 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by Thx1138 View Post
    Yes, you see "computers" in the movies, someone gets thrown up against a control panel and the thing explodes!

    Or, someone did push the wrong buttons and the machine went "haywire."

    But, you learn in electronics that you might mess up some data, but you are not going to "break" the machine by merely operating it.

    You can break industrial machines that move like robots, but not a standing computer or other purely electronic device.

    I realized that right away,went off into a Training room all by myself and played with the computer, but there is still much I do not understand.

    Am now on Twitter with BDBoop. Can send pictures,anything, but can not here. Avatars,copy a picture,save,go to pictures, bingo. It always comes up fail, but it does not.
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    Sep 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by MaryAnne View Post
    And, now,don't you wish you had paid more attention? So much to learn from him?

    We watched many of the launchings from Daytona. We were thrilled to see it. To me it is just amazing the changes.
    I think computers were actually more difficult to learn back then.

    I used to get books in the library on Cobol and Fortran back in the day and other computer associated things, they made me wonder if computers were really my cup of tea.

    Everyone went into hardware and did just enough software to get by, now I wish I would have been purely a software guy.


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    <-- "Meme Boy"
    It's going to be a lot easier on all of us if we just start threads on the rare occasion that President Trump tells the truth.
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    Insurance carriers in the ACA marketplace offer multiple plans — such as bronze, silver and gold — which offer different levels of coverage at different prices. And a company may offer more than one of each level. For example, Cigna sells three bronze plans, four silver plans and one gold plan in Greater Nashville, according to the state’s rating plan.
    That's important because it also debunks the myth that Obamacare mandates "one size fits all" policies.

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