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Thread: "Ask not what your country can do for you..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNVolunteer73 View Post
    Probably so, but Real Estate index funds wouldn't have grown as much without Trump and Real Estate investors like him.

    So Trump not only made money for himself and others as well.

    Now, you just proved my point of why SS is a Ponzi Scheme.

    If you had taken 12.6% of your income and invested it in index funds.. you would be worth millions and if that investment had been inside a ROTH IRA, it would be tax free retirement
    And I bet if you took 75% of your income you would have even more in that account huh? Stupid fucking comment.

    What about the increase in welfare everyone would pay to support all the elderly with no income whatsoever? Did you take that into account or are you one of those repubs with the dumpster mentality that thinks we would not have to be paying for them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by webrockk View Post
    I can understand why the JFK era might be an uncomfortable subject for Democrats..... it reveals just how completely the party has been infiltrated and adulterated by the radical leftist fringe.
    Uncomfortable? Are you nuts? My memory of the JFK period was a time when the United States was truly great,benevolent,a source of great pride. We accomplished great things during that period.

    Then we got Nixon. The beginning of our great slide into the dustpan of History.

    Now ending in the worst President and Congress,ever!
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