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Something big is happening this week and I want to make sure you've got all of the details, MaryAnne.

Trump's so-called Election "Integrity" Commission is having their first meeting on Wednesday. Let me introduce you to some of the people tasked with protecting the integrity of our voting system:
Kris Kobach: He's been sued by the ACLU four times (and lost) for disenfranchising Kansans with draconian laws that only make it harder for them to vote.
Ken Blackwell: His office released the Social Security numbers of nearly 6 million voters in Ohio -- so we shouldn't have much trust in him to protect private voting data they're asking states to hand over.
Hans von Spakovsky: Spakovsky was stopped from serving on the Federal Election Commission for his career of pioneering voter suppression efforts.
J. Christian Adams: It's his mission to sue states and counties for not purging enough people from their voter rolls.
Two days from now, this commission will meet for the first time. It's pretty clear to me (and most Americans) that these guys aren't out to protect voter integrity -- they're out to destroy it.

That's why we're working twice as hard to stop them -- and I'm asking you to back us up. If you think Trump's sham commission is worth fighting, rush in a donation to Let America Vote now.

This commission is playing the long game and it's all to serve Trump. Their work to degrade faith in our elections and suppress enough votes in the right places will secure another win for Trump in 2020.

And you know what, it could work. With the commission stuffed to the brim with vote suppressors, it's up to us to stop this plan from succeeding.

Source,email. I have already told you what a liar Ken Blackwell is.