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Thread: When will the Left accept that Socialism was an illusion?

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    Jul 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    Trust me, when you get older you'll come to realize that youth is something to be envious of.

    Not much I wouldn't do to be 20 years old again.
    You are probably right, but ever since I was a nipper, I always wanted to be a bit older. And even at this age, I am irritated at strangers asking me what school I attend, and having to produce ID at pubs. And not everything about youth is good - I would hate to be 14/15 again, and be covered in spots.

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    Sep 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Larrikin View Post
    I thought so too in ’67, but I was ten. Nowadays my kids’ kids play it, but a game can never replace picking up rent in real life.

    The half of the Australia that is loafing on the dole is way too lazy to ever bother revolting. That would be too much like a job.

    That takes time. If a country continues down Socialist Street they eventually go down the drain. There won’t be any money left to give the moochers. THEN they get up and look for work, or start looting.

    Success at taxing, yes. Business pays nearly all tax, and this funds the government while it works its way towards bankruptcy. That is a long, slow process. It took the USSR 74 years to finally creak to a halt, bankrupt and poverty stricken, after about a hundred million murders and a thousand Mt. Everests of hardship, agony and pain by hundreds of millions of poor, downtrodden suckers.

    Marxism failed for Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Fidel and Kim, and it will fail for you, comrade.

    Australia is a wonderful example of how a progressive government can turn a nation around in a few decades. Your country was filled with the detritus of the United Kingdom, it was a penal colony. Now it is a wonderful nation. You might want to rethink your views on how it got there.

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