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Our tech companies are stepping up to the plate to solve big problems in the Islands.

I think this is a fine time to show just how great our companies really are.

Since we have a dysfunctional White House and Congress this is proof what the people can do.
I think that is a huge positive of the Trump adminsitration, he's so divisive and messed up he's uniting most people against him. And he continues to pander to the small percentage of people that still support him after all his crap. He's showing how horrible and hypocritical republican policies are, and hopefully getting rid of the extremist in the republican party.

And possibly getting people to realize their vote is important. I will be devastated if voter turnout isn't very high next election. What will it take for people to realize voting is important, and that's why we have Trump and a bunch of other complete a holes in congress that are elected because the extremist get out and vote, and they pander to them

But people are dumb and have short memories, so we will see