That positive note is millions of people in this country are started to find out the truth about the right and how devastating their idea for this country are. This group that makes people poorer with tax policy , then attacks them for that poverty , calling them leaches and then trying to destroy the programs that are their safety net in this country for these people in need.
Or tax policy that is designed to quicken the pace of the massive transfer of wealth to the top. For 35 years they have achieved The Results, Reagan planned, for the middle class and poor, a dismal record of all the new wealth of this country going to the top from the massive increased profits in the last 35 years. Creating the widest distribution of wealth this country has seen since right before the collapse of the great depression. disparety.jpg Wonder what happened in 1981. Our countries worst president as far as the poor and middle class is concerned, Reagan, introduced us to trickle down economics which as you can see has been great for one small group in this country.
The only conservitives left supporting this dung pile that they call a president are simply the true haters that were captured by the hate rhetoric that got him elected. They have to go.