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Thread: melania: her first year as flotus.

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    Bizarroland Observer Thx1138's Avatar
    Sep 2011

    I can appreciate the anti-bullying sentiment, that is a good cause for a First Lady, now more than ever in the age of cyber-bullying.


    It is twisted into a sick joke when you consider the all-around pig she married!


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    Human Bean KnotaFrayed's Avatar
    Jun 2013

    What's an immigrant to this nation supposed to say about her "America First" husband working so hard to bar just about any immigrant on the notion they could be more dangerous to Americans than Americans are to Americans?

    If you married an already twice divorced adulterer after being born in a communist state and working in the U.S. before obtaining a legal work visa, marrying, Mr. "America First" (who still has his products made by foreign workers and hires foreign workers for his resorts). Her modeling career was in part via the Trump Model Agency. She is the first naturalized U.S. citizen to become the First Lady. She became the First Lady after giving a plagiarized speech at the RNC, using words ironically, from the First Lady at the time, her predecessor. Trump said she wrote the speech mostly herself, yet not long after her speech writer took responsibility.

    Sadly, she is not alone in being bamboozled by a cheating rich guy whose specialty is BS.
    Thanks from Thx1138 and the watchman

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