"Benito and Friends"

Song (parody) I wrote after watching a you tube video of a comedian have some bitch walk out of the crowd on him, and another bitch throwing something at him after he insulted Trump. One of them said "Fuck you" to the comedian, and he said she could "Suck my balls." It was entertaining as hell!


When you're down front"assholes"
And the comic does offend
And fucking, nothing is taken light
Close your fist and think of me
And soon assault you'll share
So listen up, you need to get a life
You just throw glass ashtray
And you know wherever I am
I'll come mocking your Trumpstilskin
Winter, spring, summer or fall
Lady you can suck my balls
And their stringin' yeah, yeah, yeah.
Benito and friends
If the guy above you
Should turn dark, obnoxious, loud
And those hair trig' emotions begin to flow
Keep your head together
Or take the ride downtown, yeah
Soon you're booked, printed and wearing orange
Do not take "Dump" in vain
Or his thugs react with a bam
Raw nerves rubbing, confession Pills
To story will end
Winter, spring, summer or fall
Lady you can suck my balls

Hey, ain't it good to know
Benito and friends
Exception and not the rule
They court you and they'll desert you,
They'll divert all your attention
Oh, and goodbye pension

You just fall out in rage
From this long comedian train
Jokes keep comin'
like new immigrants
winter, spring, summer or Faul
Crazy ladies not my fault
and their swingin'
Benito and friends