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Thread: GOP Senator Jeff Flake Makes Anti Roy Moore Statement With Personal Check

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    Quote Originally Posted by bajisima View Post
    Yup and he has the "anti Trump" nod as well. Prior to Trump many of these politicians wouldnt have been given the time of day but suddenly Flake, Corker, Collins and McCain seem to be heroes. Even though if you look hard enough they vote with Trump 99% of the time.
    Think that goes along with what @kmiller1610 has been saying. As outlandish and embarrassing as Trump has been with comments and personal behavior, much of the core positions are still shared.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eve1 View Post
    You don't have to agree with the man's politics but you got to respect at least he drew the line at child molesters. How sad is it that we can't say that about the US President and the GOP in general?
    Oh, I'm glad Flake is basically telling Moore to go fuck himself, I just think Flake is a flake.
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