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Thread: Trump Jr. Tweet

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    Sep 2016

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    This guy is due for a dose of Karma. It's gonna be a bitch to him. I'd think it will be delivered by Mueller in the form of an indictment.

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    May 2006

    This guy and all the rest of these losers wake up every day, and as consciousness returns and they don the layers of their personality, every single day, they realize, "Oh, fuck. I'm the same piece of shit loser I was yesterday."

    Why do you think they expend so much energy going out into the world fucking with other people? They are living in hell, every day, all day. Decent people ought to be praying for their salvation. If they could find some sort of genuine peace, it would be much better for them, and they would become better people, too.

    So be sure and share that with any decent people you find. I sure as hell ain't praying for these scumbags...

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