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Thread: What are the downsides to pleading the fifth amendment by Trump?

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    What are the downsides to pleading the fifth amendment by Trump?

    Quote Originally Posted by EnigmaO01 View Post
    I believe Trump will plead the fifth. That said what are the downsides to him doing that?
    Political pressure to impeach -- even among loyal congressional Republicans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryAnne View Post
    Clinton was trying to obey the law. Something Trump has no concept of.

    Even the Judge in the Clinton case said his answer on sex was technically right. But again,you had a vindictive Republican Party.

    When Scarborough goes all. Holier than thou, keep in mind he was in the forefront of that mob. He also gave Trump daily exposure and when he managed to get Clinton on his show for a brief time he looked like another Monica.
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