Is anyone surprised?

Dems: Anti-abortion group helped draft HHS letter rescinding Planned Parenthood policy

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, is now asking that all communications between the department and the group, Alliance Defending Freedom, are made available by February 26.

Cummings, in his request to deputy HHS secretary Eric Hargan, says that a whistleblower provided emails and a draft letter from the days leading up to the Trump guidance that was sent to states January 19. The letter was sent to state Medicaid directors, and it rescinds a 2016 letter from former President Barack Obama reminding states that it's against the law to terminate providers without proper cause. Cummings did not identify the whistleblower.

The Trump letter coincided with the March for Life rally in Washington.

"The documents provided by the whistleblower raise serious concerns about whether the Trump administration is now taking orders from an extreme right-wing interest group that is trying to deny American citizens the ability to exercise their right to obtain family planning services from the provider of their choice, which is guaranteed by federal statute," Cummings said in his letter to the department.