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Who lied? I said "firearm death rates," and I meant it. Whether you're talking about suicides or murders is irrelevant. I'm looking at "death by firearm," and I meant it.

But if you want to go by your definition fine - but you'll have to look at NEIGHBORING states. After all, if a state prohibited guns outright, it would matter little since anyone could drive a shipment of guns into the state without being stopped. The states with the lowest firearm MURDER rates are those with strong anti-gun laws AND are not sharing borders with states with lax gun laws. That's why all of the northeasternmost states are clustered near the bottom of the list.
So the fault is with "neighboring states' " gun laws? I'm going to call BS on your claim and invite you to prove it. Were you even aware that it's illegal to buy handguns outside your state of residence?
Interestingly, many of the same people who support physician assisted suicide would also insist that guns need to be regulated to prevent suicide, which comprises 2/3s of "gun deaths". So suicide is a right, but the method is the prerogative of the state?