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Thread: A Tale of Two Investigations

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    Sep 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by bmanmcfly View Post
    One factor that needs to be considered with Ken Starr, how many people were actually guilty on the Republican side as well?

    Yes, from that perspective does look like a witch hunt to get Clinton. The thing is that if people knew the truth about what was going on pretty much everyone would have been gone. So, to appease the people that wanted investigation they started that, and star had to just find a crime that would only implicate Clinton. You can't commit a serious high-level crime without having some form of government help.

    The reason this analogy doesn't work with Trump is that, crimes were committed to try and keep Trump out of the White House. Then those crimes were used as evidence that Trump committed those crimes, which was what sparked the initial investigation in the first place.

    That's why with Trump the purpose was not impeachment, but rather overthrow.

    In other words not an apples-to-apples comparison.
    I couldn't figure out what your point was.

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    Oct 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkady View Post
    I couldn't figure out what your point was.
    Crime -> investigation -> impeachment
    Investigation -> Crime? -> impeachment

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