Today's Bush outrage, "on this date in history"
Nov 15th ...

2002: Pre-invasion, Paul Wolfowitz, a key member of the Bush administration, talks of Iraq with WEAT-FM in Florida today. Says Wolfowitz, "there's no question that there are some links to al Qaeda. But I think "what makes him so dangerous is the dimension of weapons of mass destruction. He already has chemical weapons and biological weapons in large quantities". None of those "large quantities" of WMDs were ever found.

2002: Pre-invasion, Paul Wolfowitz tells a West Palm Beach Florida audience today that "The one risk that ... seems to me to be highly exaggerated, is this risk that the removal of the Saddam Hussein regime would be a cause of instability in the region".

Were the consequences not so tragic, just how wrong the Bush administration turned out to be might be quite humorous. Today we have Wolfowitz calling the risk of instability "highly exaggerated" when, in fact, it was very real. Today we have Wolfowitz saying that Saddam's weapons of mass destruction were a sure thing, when, in fact, this threat was "highly exaggerated".

Also on this date, in 2005, Bush ignores a call from 16 former CIA and military intelligence officials who ask the president to suspend Karl Rove’s security clearance for his role in betraying the ID of CIA employee Valerie Plame.

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