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Thread: Boycott Disney and ABC

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    Oct 2009

    I call for a boycott of Disney and abc... FOR CHOOSING TO OPENNLY, AND DELIBERATELY PROMOTE HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR, to the kids of America... on ABC... at 8pm... by allowing Adam Lambert to kiss another man, and perform a sexually perverse performance, to the children of America, as if its perfectly normal and acceptable.

    I call for fines and penalties to be imposed on all media outlets who promote deviant sexual activity to minors on normal TV...

    That does not mean cable....

    It means... normal TV... like ABC...

    Adam lambert kissed another man, and engaged in sexualy explicit suggestive behavior in a performance whos lyrics are not even worthy of being shared here... and he did it in prime time... on ABC... on a program that they knew full well, a large number of America's youth would be watching...

    It is wrong... and Adam Lambert used Britney Spears kiss to Madonna as the excuse, as if two wrongs, some how make a right.

    It was wrong when Britney kissed Madonna, and it is totally wrong for Adam Lambert to kiss another man, and promote his sexual agenda, in prime time, in front of Children.

    I call for a boycott of Disney, and ABC....

    And I call for the FCC to set limits on sexual behavior on the airwaves.

    This show occured, on the east coast... with many bloopers...

    3 hours later, an edited version apeared on the west coast... but ABC and its Parent, Disney, choose to leave in the gay agenda of Adam Lambert.

    They did it on purpose, knowing children are watching, and I say, boycott them all.

    It is ok, to tolerate.... but open promotion is going too far.

    -Mosheh Thezion

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    Sep 2005

    Oh geez

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