For economy's sake, Pelosi needs to push for impeachment now

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s ineffectiveness became clear the day she became Speaker of the House and immediately announced that there would be no impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney.
Unlike the writer of this artical, Pelosi, though a goon in my opinion, has a clear enough understanding of politics and the Congress. First, a crime needs to have been committed first before there is any case for impeachment. With that being said, we have run anound the bush countless times on this forum debating if Bush had indeed violated the law. Regardless of our own personal conflictions, no convicting evidence exists to support grounds for impeachment. Many people, citizens, congressmen, and journalists alike are driven by personal aspirations to sound the anti-Bush battle horn. The fact of the matter is, the proof is yet to exist that has Bush explicitly violating the constitution or the law. Any investigation into that matter would be expensive, time consuming, and would like find nothing. In my opinion Pelosi got one thing right, and that was not bringing articals of Impeachment against Bush. It would have simply interfered with the greater problems facing this country. Besides, no one wants to ride a horse without a head.

Guided by politics, she said leading investigations into just how much the Bush administration did – and did wrong – would be divisive. What she didn’t express was her worry that too many Democrats faced elimination from the House if they took on the difficult task of proving who knew what, when.
I think most democrats without a head on their shoulders are all reading from the same page - the chapter that reads Impeach Bush. Yes, impeaching Bush probably would have left the Republican Party in pieces with noone to sweep up the mess. For the Democrats, I would have imagined they would have emerged as the central party with a few Republicans scattered about. So, as the Pelosi supposedly said, Articals of Impeachment would be desicive, but the policical halo surrounding it has to make you wonder if it would be worth it.

But Congress is running out of time to finally make the Bush administration own up to its actions for eight years. If Congress isn’t careful, the president who already has issued 171 pardons could also pardon every appointee and employee he has ever had – and their dogs. And then Americans will never find out what happened to our country over the past eight years.
The President is within his Constitutional Aurthority to grant pardons. I think pre-emptive pardons should be an issue that goes into an amendment, but seeming that its not yet, pardons are not grouds for impeachment, they just make you and ass hole.

Pelosi wouldn’t have to start from scratch: Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the bravest member of Congress, introduced legislation 11 months ago to impeach the president and vice president. Last January, the House gave a first reading of one of those articles of impeachment. Our own Rep. John Conyers, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, joined 38 other representatives to sponsor HR 635, which would form a committee to look into whether there are grounds for impeachment. Revive that effort!
I think the writer must have gotten a bj from Kucinich. Anyway, I support a congressional investigation in the administration. Hell, I think there ought to be an investigation into every adminsitration. The government shouldn't be protected by the cozy feeling of the political make-up of the time. Everything that happened, no matter whos at the end of the gun, the people ought to know.

Last week, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-New York, submitted a resolution demanding that Bush stop issuing “pre-emptive pardons of senior officials in his administration during the final 90 days of office.”
That would be unconstitutional, but typical of a Democrat. Congress can't say boo about the pardons, they just have to bend over and take them like men. At least Nadler isn't my rep; he's got to be from the city.

Nadler said in news reports that he was moved to action by the president’s “widespread abuses of power and potentially criminal transgressions against our Constitution” and that he wanted to prevent the “undeserved pardons of officials who may have been co-conspirators in the president’s unconstitutional policies, such as torture, illegal surveillance and curtailing of due process for defendants.”

Nadler is storming the beach; others should join him.
There may have been abuses of power but the President still has that authority. This Nadler guy could choke in the Constitution by just looking at it for once.

If Congress moves quickly and forces the president to focus on impeachment, then he won’t have so much time to push through last-minute regulatory changes that will continue to hurt our country and our ideals. He already has pushed deregulation that would allow employers to talk directly with employees’ doctors and allow power companies to build polluting facilities close to national parks.
This is just another exaple of the writers political pee-brain. All ideals and no logic. He probably didn't complain she Clinton did the exact same thing eight years ago. But now since its a Republican in office, the midnight rules madness is the next thing to the Apocolypse. I hate double standards.

Anyone worried that our congressional representatives can’t tie their shoes and chew gum at the same time, or cannot focus on the economic crisis and impeachment hearings at the same time, will find that many answers to our economic and global defense problems will come from those hearings.
I doubt it. The House has more power regarding the economy then the President does, but the media doesn't cover that, does it?

The only question I have for Nancy Pelosi is this: What are we waiting for?

So, as amny of you can imagine, I have a few problems with this artical. Impeaching the president would only delay importaint action on importaint problems. Bush has a whole - 55 days left? Investigate the hell out of him afterwards when we don't have problems on all hands and feet. Have a great day.