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Thread: Poll: Americans Split on What to Cut from Government

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    Poll: Americans Split on What to Cut from Government

    News poll finds that Americans strongly prefer cutting spending to raising taxes to reduce the federal deficit. While 77 percent prefer to cut spending, just nine percent call for raising taxes. Another nine percent want to do both.

    Yet most Americans could not volunteer a program they'd be willing to see cut in order to reduce the deficit - only 38 percent could name a program they would support cutting. The top responses were military/defense (six percent), Social Security/Medicare (four percent) and welfare/food stamps (four percent).

    However, Americans are more willing to consider cuts when presented with specific ideas, as the chart above illustrates. The most popular ideas for reducing the deficit are to reduce Social Security benefits for the wealthy, reduce the money allocated to projects in their own community, reduce farm subsidies and reduce defense spending. More than 50 percent supported reductions in each of those programs.

    read more at: Poll: Americans Split on What to Cut from Government - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
    My recommendation would be to cut every damned bit of government spending...across the 20%. That'll take care of about 200B right off the bat. Next, aggressively hunt down and eliminate all fraud, waste and abuse. I'm guessing that'll take care of 100B or so. After that, consolidate and/or eliminate government departments and agencies with reduced spending as the primary goal.

    I estimate that these steps would reduce government spending by near half.

    The unspent tax revenue must be used to pay down the deficit until it is back to manageable levels. After all that...we can talk about raising taxes or reducing them.

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    Your recommendations, and some data from the poll, lead me to say that Americans do not know very much at all about our budget. I mean, even like, broad strokes.

    From the article:

    Most Americans do not know exactly how the government spends its money. For example, when asked what percent of the budget goes to earmarks, 41 percent said they make up less than 20 percent of the budget, 13 percent said 20-50 percent, 4 percent said more than 50 percent and 42 percent didn't know. Earmarks actually make up less than one percent of the budget.

    From the poll PDF:

    The Federal Budget
    While some Americans have a fairly accurate view of how the government spends its money, many do not – and many just don’t know.
    A third of Americans think that 20% or more of the federal budget is spent on welfare; just one in 10 thinks less than 5% of the budget is spent on that. Three in 10 Americans think 20% or more of the budget is allocated toward foreign aid. Social Security comprises 20% of the actual budget; half of Americans think it is less than that amount. 37% think Medicare and Medicaid are 20% or more of the budget; 42% of Americans think it is less than that.

    Anyway - put me in the column for reducing spending - and raising taxes.

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    - End all commercial subsidies. (Agriculture, oil, gas, alternatives)
    - Enact Fairtax. This will simplify the tax code and provide the prebate system, which will allow the elimination of most if not all welfare programs. (It'll also get rid of the IRS)
    - Consolidate, and simplify current federal bureaucracies. This will include cutting obsolete programs such as wool research for military uniforms, and cut down on building space, and federal workforce.
    - Cut Defense budget by 25%. This will include ending both wars over the next 4-6 year period, and closing/recalling several foreign bases.
    - Reforming Social Security to be more like its original inception. You only take out the average of what you put in. Separate its money back into an independent trust fund.
    - Enact United States National Health Care Act. This will succeed in consolidating all other healthcare programs into a single efficient model.

    Not all of these are going to be supported by everyone, but I feel these are great choices that our government can make to be pragmatic, realistic, and effective at turning this thing around.

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