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Thread: Fascinating new NSA details emerging hourly . . .

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    Fascinating new NSA details emerging hourly . . .

    These top 10 revelations haven’t yet been made public, but I have it on good authority they will be quite soon.

    10 – There was never any “master plan from DC” to collect everybody’s phone calls, according to one informant. The whole thing just sort of evolved from a couple of low-level Cleveland NSA employees asking for direction on a strange phone call they overheard by accident.

    9 –Virtually all of the 730,000 people following Osama Bin Laden on twitter before his death were CIA and NSA operatives.

    8 – Over 50,000 people have “signed” a petition at the White House website asking for amnesty for Edward Snowden. However, this is dwarfed by the 20 million people who have petitioned to have Bo, the white house dog, write his autobiography, the way Bush’s dog did.

    7 – “YOLO” (you only live once) was dropped as a trigger/keyword used to capture text messages, when it became clear to investigators that this had nothing to do with an imminent suicide bomb attack by the sender or recipient.

    6 – Your credit card numbers, PINs and passwords? NSA has got them all.

    5 – The NSA, after millions of man hours of research and analysis, was the agency that first concluded “Fox is not a real news site”. However, Obama’s recommendation that viewers turn to HuffPo instead was entirely his own inspiration.

    4 – Over 1 million people have “defriended” the CIA on Facebook since the scandal began to emerge

    3 – All the various radio telescopes we thought were part of SETI (search for extra terrestrial life) are actually used for the NSA data gathering program. Think about – would any president in his right mind have actually green lighted dozens of satellite dish installations, at an expense of billions, to search for ALIEN cell phone calls?

    2 – Senate democrats took to the floor to remind voters that Facebook, Google, and Twitter were all invented during the Bush administration.

    1 – Leaker Edward Snowden says he is prepared to go to jail for what he did. He’s just not prepared to tell anyone where he actually is, since that might lead to him ending up in jail.
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    Shouldn't this be in the humor section?

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