what would you write in a letter to our beloved president Mr...Donald J. Trump?

Here's just a taste.

It would go something like this.

Dear Mr. President ( just threw up in my mouth),

I have been following your escapades sense you descending down your golden escalator and announced your intent to be my president. I didn't pay much attention then. As this has been an ongoing con job of yours for years. Following that, I went out of my way to avoid watching you on the tele. Only, the media made that all but impossible. Seemed like from the moment you announced your fake bid for president the media was intent on making sure it happened. After all, what a ratings bonanza that would be for them. You recognized that. As did I.

What followed then was what I can only describe as the most bizarre Co-Dependency relationship ever in the annals of mental health history. Not to mention politics. It seemed that the more you abused the press the more they longed to cover your every word. You'd have your staff corral them , like cattle, into a roped off area at your public political events. They respond by fixing a live camera on an empty podium where you were expected to speak. Often up to some 30 to 45 minutes before you were scheduled to arrive. While relegating all the other candidates to the "kiddie section" of the television screen. For their part, it appeared they were speaking very passionately for their cause from that small section of the tele screen.

...to be continued.