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Thread: United Launches Devastating Attack On Syrian Airbase In Bid To Improve Image.....

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    United Launches Devastating Attack On Syrian Airbase In Bid To Improve Image.....

    "In a move considered by critics to be an attempt to deflect attention from their Russian connections, the Trump administration last week launched a missile strike on a Syrian airbase used to launch an attack with chemical weapons. Despite being hit by 59 Tomohawk missiles, Assad’s Air Force was said to be flying missions again within a day indicating the attack was largely ineffective.

    In a surprising move, United Airlines has taken the decision to do the job properly, placing an order with the Raytheon corporation for a large number of air-to-surface missiles and laser-guided bombs late yesterday afternoon which were retrofitted to its extensive fleet of Airbus A320 passenger planes."

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    fuckin United douchbags.

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