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Thread: Year 2 Trump Predictions

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    None of your business
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkman View Post
    Childish thread ... So vicious.

    The fact remains -- There was an election and your side lost ... - Grow up ... and try not to be such sore losers ... less whining ... -- best think how to take the power back from Cons ...

    It's already long 3 more years ahead of y'all, for ya ... rather than be vicious, try to think what to do and which good people to put up for next election(s) ... otherwise you could be looking at long 7 more years (and who knows if any longer after that).

    Anyone can be vicious ... for example ... when Con says something about your people ... you get upset so easily ...

    But when you yourselves do the same ... - no problem ... so funny ... but not really ... Trump kids for example (connections and name or not) -- doing quite well for themselves -- have spouses, children and good living.

    Looking at above pic (with golden teeth) though ... one can reply back to you, say:

    "If Obama had another son, he would no doubt look like Trayvon?"

    This Chit can cut both ways ... and so easily
    More streams of consciousness from an outsider. Who doesn't vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmiller1610 View Post
    Trump will be targeted for removal through a cross buffeting of contradictory accusations. The seditious press will join the chorus like a flock of demented lemmings.
    For those who notice, it will be a year of laughter. Trump will retaliate and his offending comments will fuel the fire. Rinse. Repeat.
    Christians will continue to lower the bar on acceptable Christian behavior to protect their tax rates.
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