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Thread: What did you EXPECT from the memo?

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    Trust Dusty Davocrat's Avatar
    Apr 2007

    Deep State
    Quote Originally Posted by OHjulie View Post
    Reaction from Twitter is hilarious. #YoMemoJokes

    Ram Seaside @Ram_Seaside
    Yo memo is such a disappointment that it might be another Trump son.
    8:59 PM - Feb 2, 2018

    Benjamin Steinberg @BJS_quire
    Replying to @BJS_quire
    Yo memo's so poor, @SpeakerRyan wants to take away its food stamps and healthcare.#YoMemoJokes
    8:54 PM - Feb 2, 2018

    Benny @pseudobiznasty
    Replying to @MrGeorgeWallace @FoxNews
    Yo memo’s so stupid Trump’s trying to give it a cabinet position #YoMemoJokes
    7:34 PM - Feb 2, 2018

    Paco Del Fuego @rawkus68
    Yo memo is so fake, David Clarke pinned it on his uniform#YoMemoJokes
    10:16 PM - Feb 2, 2018

    Steve Marmel
    ✔ @Marmel
    Hey, Devin.
    Yo memo so bankrupt, it used to be a Trump casino.#YoMemoJokes
    11:19 PM - Feb 2, 2018

    'Yo memo is so stupid Eric Trump beat its SAT scores'

    Yo memo is so juvenile that Roy Moore tried to take it on a date.

    Hey, Yo’ Memo...Y2K wants it’s pointless hype back.
    Thanks! Love it!

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    Council Member Djinn's Avatar
    Dec 2007

    Pennsylvania, USA
    Quote Originally Posted by Davocrat View Post
    • It was alleged that then candidate Trump had participated in "golden showers" with Moscow prostitutes in the same bed that was used by the Obamas, however it was clear, according to hotel security cameras that Mr. Trump was at the time suffering from incontinence elsewhere in the facility, thus prostitute claims of a urine fetish should be seen by any reasonable observer as gross exaggeration.

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