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Thread: Letters To the Editor - my local paper

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    Letters To the Editor - my local paper

    Trump letter-bashing template

    OK, bear with me. I’m new at this business of writing letters denigrating Mr. Trump, our president.

    Oh, I already messed up, sorry! I forgot that he’s not “our” president! OK, I got it.

    Now here’s a suggested template: we can start off a letter with some long detail description about some racial injustice that happened say 46 years ago, for example the integration of Blacks into Dixie Hollins High School, which had nothing to do with “your” president.

    No worries, we’ll get him by using a transitional paragraph.

    For example, we could say, “Apparently some of us haven’t learned a thing.”

    Then in the next paragraph, we play loosey goosey with the truth connecting Donald Trump with white supremacists.

    I know it’s a stretch but as long as we get Mr. Trump and white supremacists in the same sentence, we’re good.

    If we can fit in racist, that’s really good.

    OK, but can someone explain something to me about this outdated icon business?

    Why wasn’t the tearing down of the statues done during the eight years of Obama?

    Don (real first name used)
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    Aug 2013

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    To be fair here's another LTE:

    Donald Trump is going to fall

    Trumpde Dumpde built a great wall

    Trumpde Dumpde will have a great fall

    All the power brokers

    Women and men

    Cannot put Trumpde together again

    Dick (real first name used)

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