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surely you are not discussing the Democrat party in the USA

I submit to you the ACA, executive orders and Dodd/Frank all of which have harmed small business and ultimately the average person. Part-time jobs within foodservice is nothing to crow about but it's what has been heralded as success.

I believe in people and empowering people. Why does the govt feel that a person of 25 years of age just can't be accountable and should be able to ride on a parent's insurance policy?

Whether by design or coincidence the Democrats have deemed people under 26 years of age as being children and don't hold them accountable

If the "excuses" for doing things is because jobs at Starbucks don't pay well then address the bigger issue and that is a business unfriendly climate.

The role of govt is not to create obstacles and then layer on more govt to "address' the obstacles that they created.

I do congratulate you on a lengthy post but the part which I highlighted exposes your Democrat agenda and false beliefs
Thanks, but there’s no need to congratulate me on a lengthy post. It just comes natural…

It’s too bad you couldn’t author a more substantive reply, though. It’s a pity because simplistic cant and regurgitated talking points simply won’t help us move forward.

Repealing Dodd/Frank won’t magically create a “business-friendly climate”, and creating a “business-friendly climate” won’t magically bring back high-paying, low-skill jobs or otherwise address the ongoing challenges of globalization and automation.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act (and insurance company deregulation and tort reform – allow me to insert those standard talking points for you) won’t magically address the rapid increases in health care costs occasioned by: the explosion in new, expensive diagnostic procedures, drugs, and other medical treatments; the ballooning cost of end-of-life care; and an aging population.

Fact is, we’ve been hearing for nearly 40 years now that the answer to all of our problems is to empower people – and by “people” we particularly mean the 1% and businesses large and small, but mostly large – by “getting government off our backs.” And the way to do that, apparently, is by ever more federal deregulation and tax cuts. It hasn’t worked. Let me repeat that: It hasn’t worked. And yet, to hear the Republicans tell it, the only reason it hasn’t worked is because we just haven’t done enough of it.

‘course, that’s what ideologues of all stripes always say.