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Thread: Electoral College vs. Popular Vote

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Dad View Post
    Our founding fathers were clear, they did not want only one or two states to make the decision whom would be the president. The fact is the only reason the Democrats don't like it now and want it changed, is because they LOST. The Democrats are sore losers. The lost the election that everyone expected them to win because one candidate sucked all the life out of their contest. Hillary R Clinton knew the election process. She was counting on electoral votes going her way from the Rust Belt and didn't bother to make late term campaign stops there.

    In order to change our election process it takes a constitutional amendment. Even the bed wetting liberals know that isn't going to happen. Quit bitching, whining, and crying. Get to work on figuring out how to win elections.
    Third world immigration, pathway to citizenship for illegals.

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    A vote by any citizen anywhere should count just as much as any other citizen's vote, period.

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