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I have to disagree.

Increasingly, I have no real party.

I dislike most of the GOP Aristocracy, and, outright loathe most of the DNC Aristocracy.

As such, I would just like to see a THIRD, or even FOURTH, option.

But, no biggie. America has a long tradition of "independent voters." While I tend to vote GOP, based on actual POLICY and AGENDA, I find it increasingly difficult to vote for some of them (For more reasons than I can list in a day....)

At one time, I could have even voted for a Democrat or two (And, did, for one FANTASTIC Democrat Governor....). But, today, voting for Democrats is voting against my own interests, and beliefs. (Cue our resident Libs to tell me about my "fascist" and "racist" values...because they know me so fucking well!)
regardless, you're welcome in my party.