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It's dead on and of course perfectly reasonable which means that it will be forgotten anytime there is a Republican candidate to knock down and Democratic gain to be made.

I mean it is December for goodness sakes. It's time to forget all this sexual harassment, indiscretion and assault until October of 2018 when the entire 30-40 year history of many Republican candidates will be up for grabs again while the Democrats just sit around and take advantage of a media that won't even vet a candidate on their side or when they do, they will sit on it.

My view is that unsubstantiated and unverifiable claims from 30-40 years ago should not be aired out against any candidate or really any person. People in this thread talk about someone going to HR a week later. In real life candidates are having every date and social interaction they've ever had examined and likewise many men in college are having relationships and flings from months and years ago suddenly declared rape when someone changes their mind or is triggered or has a false memory created in a later class or situation.

People are far from perfect and that doesn't change just become some of the people are women. Memories can be manipulated and are fallible. For a long time we've tried to take the all of due process and remove it in matters of sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault. It needs to stop. No one is above the law period.
So it's only good when its done to Clinton and Warren, huh?