Trudeau delivered the commencement speech for NYU grads this afternoon in Yankee Stadium. I walked past it playing on TV. He gave a good speech. He’s gotten quite adept at subtly shitting on Trump without outright saying it.

And I know, when you think of courageous leaders, you think of those folks who stood implacably and fearlessly, anchored in their sense of rightness, willing to pit their ideals against all comers, against the slings and arrows aimed their way. Well, I don’t think that’s brave enough. I don’t think that’s good enough for what our shared future will ask of you. I actually don’t think it’s ever been good enough....”

Its hard to reconcile his ideals here with his actions when it’s counted, but .... well... could probably say that about most people. Myself included.

Its printed here by Time in its entirety.

Justin Trudeau Gives NYU's 2018 Commencement Address | Time