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Thread: Dinesh DíSouza, Pardoned by Trump, Claims Victory Over Obama Administration

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptif219 View Post
    I gave a link. It is credible.
    How does it prove that democrats are "low information"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunchboxxy View Post
    Why though? Heís the law and order candidate, correct? He wonít give mercy to refugee children, why give a pardon to someone who blatenly broke the law?

    Why are you ok with that hypocrisy, exactly?
    The president has the ability to grant pardons. This pardon is largely symbolic as he already served the sentence. I have no problem with him issuing the pardon. President Obama also issued some pardons. It is a check and balance granted to the executive branch. If the president believes that the sentence was too harsh or that for other reasons the individual deserved a pardon it is within his authority to give it. I have no problem with it.
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