"Haw Giver Mazier Myth Rays"

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" Seeking Freedom for Libertarian Ideals Against A Pretentious Supremacy for Arab Cultural Hegemony "
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Arabs live in Egypt ; Egyptians are not lineal descendants of Ishmael ; Egyptians are not Arabs .

Egypt is not to be governed by Arabs laws ; Egypt is not to be governed by Qurayshism ; Egypt is not to be governed by Fictional Ishmaelism .

Egyptians are to govern themselves as Egyptians .

The 2012 Constitution of Egypt, Translated by Nivien Saleh, with Index | Nivien Saleh
Part One: Elements of State and Society

Chapter 1: Political Elements

Article 1
The Arab Republic of Egypt is an independent, united sovereign state that cannot be divided. Its system is democratic.

The Egyptian People forms part of both the Arab and the Islamic community (umma). It is proud to belong to the Nile basin and the African continent, reach into Asia, and contribute positively to human civilization.

Article 2
Islam is the state’s religion, and Arabic is its official language. The principles of Islamic law (sharia) form the main source of legislation.

Article 3
For Egyptian Christians and Jews, the principles of their religious law will be the main source in regulating their personal status, matters pertaining to their religion, and the selection of their spiritual leadership.

Article 4
The noble Azhar is an independent Islamic institution of higher learning. It handles all its affairs without outside interference. It leads the call into Islam and assumes responsibility for religious studies and the Arabic language in Egypt and the world. The Azhar’s Body of Senior Scholars is to be consulted in matters pertaining to Islamic law (sharia).

The state guarantees the financial means needed to fulfill these tasks.

The Sheikh of the Azhar is independent and cannot be dismissed from his position. The law determines the process by which he is selected from among the members of the Body of Senior Scholars.

All this will proceed as stipulated by law.

Article 5

Sovereignty belongs to the People. The People will practice and protect it and preserve Egypt’s national unity. The People is the source of power, as stipulated in the provisions of the Constitution.

Article 6
The political system is based on the principles of democracy, consultation (shura), and citizenship, which together regulate public rights and duties among the citizens. It is also based on pluralism in politics and among parties, the peaceful transfer of power, the separation and balance of powers, the rule of law, as well as respect for human rights and freedoms; all this happens according to the provisions of this Constitution.

No political party may be based on discrimination of gender or origin or religion.

Article 7

Keeping the nation safe is an honor and a sacred obligation, so is the defense of the homeland and the protection of its soil. Armed service is compulsory, as regulated by law.
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