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Thread: A world in which there are no racists, aka: very fine people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jeffrey View Post
    Perhaps not important to you, but that is a rather important question, especially considering that there are those who consider people who look white to be inherently racist.
    It's possible that in some context, that would matter -- in a context where whites have little power and are vulnerable when someone assumes they're inherently racist. But, in mainstream society in the US, that opinion would have very little impact.

    The power dynamics are not related to whether racism exists, however, unless one is attempting to legitimize a form of racism.
    Again, I see that as a semantic distinction. If you want to call it racism regardless of the power dynamics, that's fine. It's just words. But the underlying concept matters, and that concept is that racial prejudices have vastly different impact depending on who they're directed against, and so even if all forms of racial prejudice are illegitimate, society has a much heightened reason to police racial prejudice against vulnerable people by powerful groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slartibartfast View Post
    So what colours are 'included'?
    Not sure what you are asking.

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