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Thread: Robot cops for less than minimum wage?

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    Feb 2015

    Shady Dale, Georgia

    Robot cops for less than minimum wage?

    At $6 per hour, these robots can patrol a mall. They can scan all the license plates in a parking lot. They can observe and record. If necessary, they can alert authorities. These are in use, in California.

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    Jul 2011

    Russian cybertechs in the city of Perm also built a patrol robot, R-Bot 001, for the local police, back in 2008, I believe

    It can move around, speak to people, monitor things with a camera, and alert police to stuff.

    That project never really went anywhere, due to lack of interest from the government and, accordingly, lack of funding.

    The technology, however, was later used to develop other robots for other purposes, for example, R-Bot 100 telepresence robot, which can be used as a remotely controlled nanny/babysitter

    or for connecting kids to kindergarten or school through video conferencing, so ones homes sick or something don't have to miss out anymore

    The first bot they made specifically for schools was for a boy named Stepan in Moscow in 2011, who had leukemia and couldn't attend classes because of it: Robot attends Russian school to help sick schoolboy

    But it has become much more common now. Other than "R-Bot", other Russian companies habe also picked up the idea, including ones I covered here: Robo-Lawyers


    and Dubai

    are also developing police robots, as are other countries, I'm sure.

    Still, gonna be awhile, before we see anything like this on our streets

    let alone like this

    I am hoping to see something like this in my lifetime though

    Thanks from BigLeRoy

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