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Thread: HoverSurf flying motorcycle

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    Jul 2011


    HoverSurf flying motorcycle

    From Russia, with love:

    World's First Flying Motorcycle: The "Hoverbike"
    Safety last: Russian hoverbike is equally amazing and horrifying

    Dubai police already want to buy them

    Flying motorbike joins Dubai Police's list of extreme gadgets - CNN
    Arab cops to ditch supercars for Hoversurf Scorpion Stars Wars ‘pod racers’ to fly around Abu Dhabi and Dubai

    And now, they are also developing a flying taxi cab

    Hoversurf, the company behind the world's first hoverbike, unveils plans for flying five-seater taxi | Irish Examiner
    Russian firm reveals plans for five seater flying taxi
    FLYING taxis in Russia – but would you be brave enough to catch one?

    I just saw these guys today, they were competing for investment on a Russian TV show similar to Shak Tank or Dragons Den over here.

    Came in third place, in the end.

    It's not the only such project in Russia.

    Kalashnikov is also developing a hoverbike for the military

    Watch: "Flying motorcycle" is put through its paces in Russia | Euronews

    HoverSurf's model looks way cooler though IMHO

    Anyway, that was just one awesome project I saw on this show.

    There was also Avrora Robotics and their Agrobot unmanned tractors

    They also offered an automatic operation system that can be installed onto ANY tractor, abd this robot or whatever can then drive your tractor for you.

    This is the project that won the show, everyone agreed that automation in the agricultural sector (which badly lacks manpower, as most young people don't want to work on farms and head to the cities) will be huge for the Russian economy, especially since working age population overall is shrinking at the moment. The three bankers and Russia's minister of economic development, jumped at the chance to support this thing.

    Second place went to a company called Motorika, which makes wonderful bionic prosthetic arms for disabled amputee kids, specifically for kids

    They try to not only give these children back a limb, but even make the prosthetic do things a normal hand can't, make the kid feel like a superhero cyborg or something

    In addition to jury prizes, there is also the option for regular audience to donate money to the company of their choice, through the show's website. Motorika got most of those donations also. It really is amazing, what they do for these kids. One lady on the jury (they change every episode, the jurors, except one guy, the CEO of Vneshekonombank, the main sponsor of the show, he is always up there) cried actually, when they were telling their story and showed interviews with some of the children whose lives they changed with their work...

    Many other entrants did not get into the Finals, nor got much audience money, but still won in other ways: scored private investments from individual jurors; or from others who saw them on the show and became interested.

    One lucky startup was peddling their own smart fitness bracelet, which can read a person's stress levels and also, apparently, tell how many calories they eat.

    Putin himself saw that episode and like that thing and invited them over

    Now, they got guaranteed financial support from the state. Ultimate jackpot, in Russia lol

    Anyway, nice to see innovation in Russia. With all the forces, Putin's ultranationalist base, the Orthodox Church, and the Communist Party also and their supporters, all dragging her backward, these are the kind of people she needs, to keep her moving forward instead...

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    Jul 2014

    Looks more like a manned drone than a flying motorcycle.
    Thanks from labrea

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    Jul 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Miller47 View Post
    Looks more like a manned drone than a flying motorcycle.
    You ride it like a motorcycle

    Jet skis are called "water motorcycles" over there, you know lol

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