SpaceX Hid a Second, Secret Payload Aboard Falcon Heavy

Stashed inside the midnight-cherry Roadster was a mysterious, small object designed to last for millions (perhaps billions) of years even in extreme environments like space, or on the distant surfaces of far-flung planetary bodies.
Called an Arch (pronounced 'Ark'), this tiny storage device is built for long-term data archiving, holding libraries of information encoded on a small disc of quartz crystal, not much larger than a coin.
Sometime, somewhere, a civilization might find this tiny object and be able to open it. Imagine their wonder at a civilization from millions of years in their past, wondering if we still exist and what we may have discovered since.

Imagine us finding such an object left by another civilization that existed millions of years ago.

Or, is the rest of the universe simply void of life, only this one little mote we call Earth somehow having life? That's even more unimaginable.