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Thread: Did Alexa send out their private conversations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueneck View Post
    You're becoming a slave to nightmare technology.
    Just wait till you see the fun you're going to have when you get your first self driving car!
    Amazon and rest of the tech giants should be paying people who buy all this crap for being beta testees.
    When I first got Alexa, she was a novelty. Over time she became a way to make my life easier. Not just playing music but adding events to my calendar, items to my shopping lists, even ordering items for me. Turning on or off automations in my home, and answering questions. Just a few minutes ago, we asked Alexa what time Ollie's closed in Madison. She was ready with the answer. She also told us it is going to rain tonight.

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    Jan 2016

    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn View Post
    Poor kid. For the parents, it's a spur of the moment joke. For the kid, it's potentially for a lifetime. Probably mentioned this before, but in high school, I had a friend named Mike Nuckols. Nothing too unusual about his name. But his grandparents were messed up. Mike's father is "Harry Nuckols," and his uncle was named "Claude Nuckols."
    No, you might think so, but I asked her about it, and she liked her name. After all, there's nothing wrong with 'April May'; that's pretty. Really, it's just the last name of June that made it so, ah, unusual.

    I'll tell you about someone who WAS embarrassed about their name. I went to junior high school (and high school) with a kid named John Horney. One time, in junior high school, for some weird reason (and I don't remember why), we had to go around the room, and recite our name, last name first. Well, it got to him, and he had to say 'Horney John', and all the junior high school girls, of COURSE, started giggling, and he turned BEET RED. Didn't help matters that he was kind of the proverbial 98-pound weakling.

    There was a family in Iowa named Hogg, and they had two daughters they named Ima and Ura. Now that was just CRUEL.
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