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Thread: Specifically- how does your face change as you age?

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    Specifically- how does your face change as you age?

    *forgive me if this is in the wrong sub-forum. please re-direct if it is.

    When you get older what is it about your face that ages? sometimes i can look at 2 people and say "person A looks older than person B" but yet i cant describe what it is that makes one person look older or younger. usually if there was only say a 7/8 year difference in age i perhaps can discern the difference but i couldn't mechanically describe the difference. over a period of time what is it specifically changes about your face and what is the average/typical age this hallmarks start to appear on a humans face? what is the difference is the face from 20-30? 30-40? 40-50? 50-60 etc,,,,,

    and is there a FULL-PROOF method of accurately guessing a persons age- or is there not as law-of-averages dictates some people age well and some age badly? can the bone structure give someone away even if they dont have lines? how does the skin deteriorate? what about lines on the forehead? the eye pupils? wrinkles under the eyes? bags under the eyes? the neck? the chin dropping? neck wrinkling? facial fattening? hair thinning? hair grey-ing/whitening?

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    Here's one possible reason, Mikey.

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