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Thread: Deplorable People Are Still Trying to Deprive Gays of Hard Won Rights

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProgressivePatriot View Post


    cat got your tounge?

    or you just CANT FIGURE IT OUT EITHER?

    riddle me this,,,WHY ASIANS?

    dont you know?

    does anybody?

    why do progs hate asian males?

    what did they do to you?

    [besides being intellectually superior with a far better work ethic]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isalexi View Post
    I still don't understand why you see gay sex different,y than straight sex. There are straight people who have all kinds of different sex, should we deny them their rights? Why do you care about anyone's personal sexual activity? That's pretty scary to me. You were saying that they are not born gay. That they just choose to be attracted to someone of the same gender. Can you do that too. How do you decide who you are physically attracted to? I am sure life would be much easier being attracted to the opposite sex. Why do you suppose they choose to be in a group that is discriminated against and viewed as your view themů A sex act and nothing more
    are you saying that you do not choose who your partner is for sex?

    Is being an alcoholic a choice? Keep in mind that the first drink must be taken

    Is being a smoker a choice?

    Is being a gambler a choice?

    Many claim that they cannot help themselves from drinking, drugs, gambling, smoking etc. I believe the same is with gay sex. Some who choose it become addicted and it is difficult to break any addiction.

    We do not rush out and lobby for heroin addicts rights yet for some reason gay-sex addicts are treated dofferently and remember, it's nothing more than your feelings about "born homosexual"

    There is no medical proof to support your belief.

    If you wish to use biology then men and women have different sex organs in order to procreate so one would be led to believe that heterosexual sex is natural and normal and gay-sex is not thus one must choose to engage in gay sex
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    Quote Originally Posted by Isalexi View Post
    Actually the photographer was wonderful because unlike you he didn't need training. It took him five seconds to do exactly as we told him to do. Doing the wedding is indeed a production and it doesn't matter who the bride is or who the groom is. OK wedding is just different main characters. Our photographer was creative and fortunately didn't have those shots like the bride getting dressed and wine glasses held up in the back of a car at the end...
    Sounds like the Photographer didn't need planning to. Must be a fly by night part time shooter. My shots are in the contract and must be approved of by the couple in the contract before i sign the contract. There is no talking about missed shots during the wedding, there is not time for that. It's all a preplanned event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isalexi View Post
    No they haven't....these transgender women are women who go into a private stall and pee.... I find it so fascinating that it is the men who are so uptight. I think you're just having a little fantasy time
    You are saying that no women have complained about having to share the bathroom with transgender? Wow! Talk about bullshit. There was even a Hobby Lobby that built a third bathroom in order to stop the complaints from the women that worked there about the TG using their bathroom. But I know, GG have zero rights to be comfortable in the bathroom. None. They need to sit down, shut up, and pee. How dare those GG women complain because someone who has made the choice to become a woman's rights trump theirs? They must all be bigots.

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