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Thread: The Erectile Dysfunction Epedemic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Two If By Tea View Post
    When I listen to Conservative Talk radio programs Im constantly bombarded with ads for Erectile Supplements...

    Is erectile dysfunction some epedemic within the Conservative circles...

    On Norman Goldman or the Tom Hartmann program I never hear ads for ED supplements although Hartman shills Super Beets and Uber incessantly....
    It's just another drug they want introduced to your system that once you start using it, you will NEED it forever. Best drug dealers are legal ones..

    And just like policies, The ads have nothing to do with party..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasselas View Post
    Nah. Just trying to get a h***on. I thought Limbaugh was a pain-killer addict.
    Why does Rush need a boner? What women want El Rushbo to screw them? Rescue these women if you find them...I'm sure its involuntary!

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