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Thread: Stella Walsh: Murdered Trans Woman & Olympic Athlete

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    Jun 2014

    Cleveland, Ohio

    Stella Walsh: Murdered Trans Woman & Olympic Athlete

    Stella Walsh was killed during an armed robbery in Cleveland, on 4 December 1980.[16] An autopsy showed that she had no uterus, an abnormal urethra, and a non-functioning, underdeveloped penis, although some sources suggest she also displayed female characteristics.[17][18][19] Chromosome analysis revealed that most of her cells contained normal X and Y chromosomes but some were X0 (containing only one X chromosome), resulting in XY gonadal dysgenesis.[3]

    The controversy of her biological sex remains unresolved, and the situation is further complicated by the fact that many earlier documents, including her birth record, state that she was female; the Cuyahoga County coroner, Samuel Gerber, stated that Walasiewicz was "socially, culturally and legally" a woman.[5][3] There has also been controversy over whether her records and achievements should be erased.[20]

    The story of this woman's life is gripping from a variety of POVs. Like many, many other trans women, her murder has never been solved.

    Gender determination in athletes is controversial. Setting a bright line between the genders is almost impossible, and the human right to be treated with dignity and be secure in your person limits (or should limit) the extent of the medical examination that can be conducted. And some athletes are openly transgendered, which of course, should be honored.

    These topics might help anyone struggling to understand transgenderism.

    Your thoughts?
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    May 2012

    By the wall
    10-1 says she was also autistic.
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    Jun 2016

    They should just leave it alone. She was an old lady, and it definitely sounds like she had some kind birth defect.

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