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Thread: I was catcalled today

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    Oct 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Sampson Simpson View Post
    All joking aside, I'm glad I'm not part of the current generation. They are completely glued to their stupid phone and computers and their is so little actual person to person contact. It's absurd, and many are completely void of social skills.

    I wish so many times that I watch someone walk into a tree when they are walking down the street with their head in the phone. I need to reign in my instincts and let them walk into me and break their phone because they are not looking. Unfortunately the last time that happened I was talking with someone and my instinct made me move out of the way.

    Or the dipshits that right in front of your car without looking, or right down the middle of the parking lot while cars are trying to drive oblivious to the world

    I work on a college campus, so you see I'm exposed to a lot of this and it drives me nuts. GEt off the F-ing phone and pay attention dipshits!
    I grew up in a college town too. My friend would either put his car in neutral and rev the engine right as they walked by, or honk the horn right in front of them as they had their head in their phone.

    He was a dick.
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    Oct 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babba View Post
    Wow. Are you guys really going to dismiss the demoralization and in some case the feeling of being threatened that some women have experienced under those circumstances?
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    Oh, sorry!

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