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    Just a funny story

    A buddy back in Moscow e-mailed me this recent article about famous Russian actor Sergey Makovetsky and his wife Elena

    He is now 59. She - 18 years old than him. Yet they are apparently very happy together. People have long been fascinated by this couple, as this sort of relationship (woman many years older than man) is very rare over there, and seems strange to most people. It's why they also cannot understand the French Prez, Macron lol

    This interview talked about how they met.

    Elena (maiden name Demchenko) was from a privileged background, by Soviet standards: her father was a powerful Admiral in the Soviet Navy. She went to elite theater schools and became a pretty good actress, even, at that time, a fairly big name in Soviet acting circles.

    One day, bunch of them were at a movie studio, working with Stanislav Govorukhin, a legendary director (and a successful actor before that, but it was as director he found his real fame); and a sexist pig too.

    He is a member of the Duma, the national parliament, today, and there is not a young and pretty fellow member or staffer or intern, whom he has not groped, fondled, forcefully kissed, and otherwise sexually harassed

    Old bastard just cannot keep his hands and lips and etc to himself. The girls all know it by now, warn the newbies too and, in Russian society, having little recourse against him, just, literally, grin and bear it...

    Back in 2015, then 74 year old Govorukhin, showed up at some cinema festival with young actress Aglaya Shilovskaya on his arm; she was just 17 at the time (and had just co-starred in one of his recent films)

    Caused a bit of a stir, that...

    But, he is so famous and nationally beloved, he gets away with anything and everything...

    So, that's just a bit of background info on who we are talking about here. Fuck Trump on steroids lmao

    So, way back when, Elena Demchenko, 43 at the time, was standing around with some other actresses, on break, talking about maybe looking for a new man in her life, a new husband. She was, back then, recently divorced too, and raising a son by herself.

    And Govorukhin was walking by, hears her, and goes, in his typical way (sneering, like a douche bag) "Who are you kidding, you old cow? No man would want you for three rubles!"

    Yep. Great director who has made some amazing films. But, also a nasty, vile human being, unfortunately...

    Reflective of the culture over there though, to this day: man in his early 40s is still considered "in prime of his life"; while woman of same age - dismissed as old and irrelevant...

    Well, Elena parried that, if she wanted to, she could get the next young fellow walking by to marry her.

    Lo and behold, who would be rushing by them in the hallway, but then 25 year old and totally single Makovetsky lol

    She stops him and asks, young man, would you like to marry me? He (thinking then maybe she was joking around) goes "Da, why not"

    But, later, after they wrapped up filming and everything, he came looking for her, asking, "Where is my lovely bride?" It seems he actually fell for her, right then.

    They quickly moved in together and then it all became official couple months later. And, in many ways, Elena, her name, and the influence of her family, helped Sergey to begin his own career rise too. So, it wasn't just a marriage of love, no hehe He knew exactly what he was doing.

    That was in 1983.

    Fast forward three decades. Few people recall much of Elena Demchenko anymore. Her acting days are long past her. If anyone knows her, it is as Elena Makovetskaya, Sergey's wife.

    Her husband is the huge star now, collecting several Nika (Russian Oscar) awards, among other things

    Yet, the couple remains strong as ever in their marriage

    A marriage that defies the norms and expectations of their society...

    Yet true love triumphs and endures above all. I admire them. I ain't alone in that either.
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