An interesting discussion I encountered on a Russian site.

These days, there are many females in the ranks of the police over there, more than ever before

Policewomen patrolling a Moscow Metro station

A sight that would have shocked people just ten years ago, hell, even 5 years ago it would have been rather unusual still. Today, no longer raises eyebrows lol

Majority of K9 handlers are women

It has been suggested that women are just plain better at getting along with animals, same as with children...

Even in the riot units

There is even a female police GENERAL now, Tatyana Moskalkova

She is now retired from police and is the national ombudswoman for human rights.

While undoubtedly a positive development, this is creating new issues of its own: female cops have been involved in far too many alleged disproportionate force and such incidents, for their still relatively much smaller numbers; as well as incidents with questionable use of weapons

One case cited a lot is now former policewoman Vera Tonkih, from Syzran, on the Volga river

She was, eventually, stripped of her uniform, and faced criminal charges, for assaulting people, including with her electric stun device, in this incident in June, 2015 (3:30):

Basically, a female cop, especially, as in this case, among a bunch of male cops, feels she has something to prove. Women, especially in the relatively misogynistic society over there, are looked kinda down upon, as weak and such. It means that, often, policewomen also are not taken seriously, their authority not respected as much as that of male cops. So, some feel they must behave at least as violently, and more so, than the males, to earn that respect and fear of civilians, and respect from the male cops too...

Certainly incidents such as what happened in the city of Oryol in July do not help the situation: ? ???? ??????? ???????????? ???? ? ????????? ???????????? ? ?????? ???????? ? ????? - ???????????? - ????

A mentally ill man who had escaped from an institution in the city encountered two female officers, overpowered one of them and took her service weapon, and held her hostage, while repeatedly firing her pistol in the air, in a busy park, where many families with children were out strolling and such, until other (male) officers arrived and took him down...

Naturally, this story resulted in many derisive comments on social media about female police and how weak and useless and pathetic they are, how women do not belong in law enforcement, etc.

As one lady commenting on this site said, do you see all male cops judged when one gets his ass kicked or something? lol But females do get judged like that... And it affects them.

More women in uniform was supposed to make police over there less violent and abusive, Unfortunately, it's not always working out that way...

Wonder if this is an issue with female police officers here in the West too?