Patrick Lancaster

He is an independent journalist from the US (Missouri), who has been living and working in the Donbass and covering the conflict there for three years now, so, pretty much since the beginning, since 2014.

He publishes a lot of his reports on his YouTube page:

He is, of course, sympathetic to the separatists (no way they would have allowed someone critical of them to operate on their territory, especially a foreigner).

Along the way, he met Nadya (Nadezhda Astanina), a local girl, who became his muse

They've had a baby, in summer of last year, a boy, Timur, a new citizen of Donetsk People's Republic

On August 5th, they've had a formal wedding, in the church

Patrick, apparently, has converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity to be with her...

This Nadya, I think, is a big deal among the separatists. I saw some important people at the wedding, including (in camos) the legendary Serbian sniper Dejan "Deki" Beric

The nightmare of Kiev's forces, who has more kills of Ukrainian troops on him than your Chris Kyle in Iraq; who once took on six (!) Ukrainian counter snipers sent specifically to take him out, and instead eliminated all of them, fucking wasted each one, one by one...

Ladies of Donbass

According to Russian articles, this Patrick's family has already been visited by the FBI in America, to question them about his activities there. Wouldn't surprise me, if so...