Badass lady who I have much respect for.

She used to be a Ukrainian police officer in Donetsk, in Donbass, a sub-colonel, actually

When the conflict there erupted, she join the pro-Russian militias

Many women fought there, hundreds, even thousands of female volunteers on both sides. But none, on either side, managed to rise as high as Korsa, as her nom du guerre and radio call sign became.

She became the leader of her own unit, 150 men with a battery of deadly Grad missile launchers

here, she talks to OSCE monitors, while her missile trucks are nearby

When the separatists encircled and crushed Ukrainian government forces in the town of Debaltsevo, capturing that town and forcing Kiev to sign onto the Minsk ceasefire agreement, establishing the current, frozen front line; Korsa and her Grads provided crucial suppressive fire support there.

Few days ago, Korsa, now a full colonel in the DNR rebel forces, with a whole division under her command, gave an interview to some Russian media

She recalled, among other things, a mission, where she led several of her missile trucks and a number of armed fighters, under Ukrainian flags and their vehicles repainted, deceptively, into Ukrainian army color patterns, behind enemy lines, they sneaked in and opened fire on the unsuspecting Ukrainians from behind, while other separatist forces attacked head on, overwhelming the Ukrainians. Some Ukrainians online accuse her of war crimes, claiming her unit shelled innocent civilians that day, in a village, and not government troops. Donbassians and Russians tell them to go fuck themselves, accusing them, in turn, of shelling civilians in separatist-controlled areas on many occasions... Both sides have own truth...

Regardless, Korsa, for one, is bored with the ceasefire. Said as much herself, in this latest and other interviews. Claims the Ukrainians shoot at separatist positions plenty, but her unit is rarely allowed to retaliate.

When they do open up though, as did recently, it does look spectacular, in a disturbing way

I have no illusions about Putin. But also, the current government in Kiev either. Many in there truly do hate Russians as a people, and see Russian-speaking Ukrainians as traitors. They would treat people in Donbass and Crimea no better than how Myanmar treats Rohingya today, if Russia did not take over Crimea, and arm the Donbassians to the fucking teeth, so they can defend themselves...

And I do admire especially the brave female fighters over there, including Korsa. The Canadian government disagrees with me. It shamefully has agreed now to supply weapons to Ukraine to help kill these people. I will respectfully nevet agree with this, and think that it disqualifies Trudeau from any claim to being some peaceful liberal