I have read multiple tales of a story about a separatist fighter in Donbass, armed with a NSV Utes heavy machine gun


He supposedly took out a Ukrainian army Bulat tank (heavily modernized T-64)


Incident happened this summer, supposedly, and he is now getting a medal for it, for New Year.

I don't know... Yes, T-64, even in the Bulat version, is far from advanced modern technology; and the seps have destroyed plenty of them in battle

and captured more than a few as well

But... With a machine gun???

Here is his version of the story:

"Two enemy tanks emerged from behind the road turn and started firing on our positions. I fired back with my Utes, with 12.7 caliber anti armor incendiary rounds. One tank started smoking and moved away to the right. The second one stopped and tried to fire toward me, but missed. I kept shooting at him, he was smoking heavily, and then his ammo hold blew up about five minutes later."

Seriously? Are tanks, at least, Soviet tanks, THAT vulnerable? Jeez... No wonder so many men died in Afghanistan for no good reason... And, later, in Chechnya too...