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Thread: Captain Marat Akhmetshin (27.06.1980 - 03.06.2016)

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    Captain Marat Akhmetshin (27.06.1980 - 03.06.2016)

    Russian Army captain Marat Akhmetshin, an experienced artillery officer

    been deployed to South Ossetia with the peacekeeping mission, and fought the Georgians in 2008

    Last year, days shy of his 36th birthday, he was in Syria; nobody knows the details (officially, Russia has no artillery and such forces on the ground in there; it is possible he was an "adviser" leading a Syrian artillery unit); but, he ended up manning an artillery piece by himself, surrounded by ISIS forces. He fought to the death, actually using the cannon (by himself, even though it normally would take 4 men to operate that particular weapon) to destroy several ISIS tanks and killing plenty of the attackers. When Russian and Syrian special forces reached the area coming to his rescue, they found him riddled by bullets, with AK in one hand, and a grenade without ring in other, he was gonna blow himself up, if the enemy approached his body, as his last act... They had to pry the grenade carefully from his stiffened fingers and toss it away. He died like a true Russian warrior...

    His funeral back home, in autonomous republic of Tatarstan

    He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia, along with a bunch of medals

    In February, in his home village, Marat's old school was renamed in his honor

    In October, a memorial bust of him was put up there

    President of Tatarstan, Rustem Minnikhanov and Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, Tatyana Shevtsova

    His widow, Guzel, son Amir, older daughter Zarina, and youngest, name unknown

    Both older children are cadets, Amir is in the elite Suvorov Cadets Corps; while Zarina is in a female squad of the Presidential Corps. Both want to devote their lives to the military, like their father...

    Marat's father, Radik Akhmetshin, saluting there, next to his grandson

    He too is ex-military, former Air Force officer, fighter pilot.

    And his mother, with the rest of the family

    A Russian Muslim, Tatar, who gave his life fighting terrorists... his name will live on in memory of many

    The reason I post this, is I am still offended by some arrogant people here, who have been trying to claim credit for Trump in the rollback of ISIS. Maybe in Iraq, though even most of that was done under Obama, Mosul and all that.

    In Syria, not many American troops are actually even fighting on the ground, the Kurds do most of the work for them, and other local proxies. And, other than taking Raqqa (again, operation began under Obama, and finished, according to some sources, simply by making a deal with ISIS and allowing a whole bunch of them to escape from there), what did America do there?

    It is the sacrifice of dozens of Russians, like Marat, many of them with far less pomp, especially the Vagner and other mercenaries who officially do not even exist and their deaths are not acknowledged at all (the common term for these men in Russia, these days is "IkhTamNem", "TheyWhoArentThere", but actually are...), they pushed ISIS and other Islamists from most of Syria. They took Palmyra, Albukamal, and many other places where most of Assad's own forces were too cowardly to go in.

    You are welcome, Trump. I say that on behalf of those brave men. Not Putin. Putin can go to hell. But, the men out there, on the front lines, they deserve the credit. Not some fat orange toad with his Slovenian mail order bride...
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    Thanks isn't working for me but thank you for the post.
    No problem.

    "Thanks" is working fine, yours is up there Thank you too.

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