Russian coastguards have detained a Ukrainian fishing vessel (homeport Ochakiv) west of Cape Tarkhankut off the coast of the illegally annexed Crimea.

"The Ukrainian fishing vessel YMK-0041 homeported in Ochakiv, Ukraine, was detained", Krym-Realii media project reports, referring to the press service of the so-called "Russia's FSB Border Department in Crimea", Krym.Realii reports. The vessel was detained for "illegal fishing."

The department claims that the illegal fishing gear several kilometers of nets was seized. The ship and crew of five Ukrainian citizens were brought to Crimea for further procedural actions. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on the detention of Ukrainian citizens.
Russian coastguards detain Ukrainian fishing vessel off Crimea coast

The boat in question

Perhaps the Russians intend to pressure the Ukrainians to exchange this one for the Nord and her remaining crew (2 of them, I believe, have already made it home, somehow got out of Ukraine into Belarus and are back in Crimea now).

They are also stopping and delaying all shipping to Ukraine through the Kerch straight: Russia's coast guards stop foreign vessels heading to Ukraine

If this is what Kiev wanted, I hope they are happy...